A Need to be Connected To and Revive the Past

My background is in Interior Design and I love all things that inspire and bring happiness, and enrich ones life. The small things are sometimes what is most special! I love supporting local and handmade purveyors, and feel that we must do so in order to keep our country strong and our bonds tight! Reuse and vintage are a great way to stay green and support this mission.

My mother is a huge inspiration and growing up was always decorating, rearranging, bringing me to antique shops, and entertaining. I have learned a lot of what I know from her and because of that I have a yearning to connect with the past, an appreciation, and love history in a piece of furniture, artwork, or accessory. Everything old is new again and has a soul. The places my vintage tuxedo sofa has been, the people that have sat on it, the cocktails they have sipped, conversations that have occurred, and the joy it has brought. It’s one of my most favorite pieces that I found in a dusty blue, worn, jacquard print in an old junk shop in Austin. I had it recovered in a flax color linen to let the shape take center stage. It now peacefully resides in my living room. What a conversation piece it has been and everyone who comes to my home for the first time just wants to sit on it! It brings me joy just thinking of that.

From that joy spawned a need to share vintage and antique pieces with others who feel that connection through my Etsy shop, Seedling Plantation. Many of the items in my shop I come across in my travels, they come and go in my home, and are vintage finds that I like to spread around. I desire someone else to enjoy, entertain, and feel proud to share these special pieces with their friends and family. Personalization and making a mark on a home is also a part of Seedling Plantation in my custom monogramming section. I offer new items, and can monogram any of the vintage linens. Nothing feels classier, or more special than when it is personalized! I am obsessed with vintage monogramming and plan to develop, design, and fine tune classic designs and color combinations.

My husband Jonathan and I also believe another important aspect of a home and our lives are our plants. My husband works for his family company, Plant Interscapes, here in San Antonio and has been around plants his whole life. He craves to be near them and cherishes them not only for their beauty, but the goodness they provide to us as humans. Cleaning the air, reducing stress, and making us feel alive and connected to nature. He pretty much knows the common and Latin name for all tropical and indoor plants (and many exterior ones too), how to grow them, what type of light and moisture they need, and much more than I can mention. He’s a veritable plant genius! Growing up in the country in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, being in and around nature is as much a part of me as well, and having the outdoors in feeds that need my soul requires. We feel strongly that we want to bring beauty, history, nature, and peacefulness to our daughter Charlotte, as it was brought to us by our families. Our home is where that starts and I am proud of the environment we have worked together to create. Our homes tell a story and I hope I can bring some inspiration to others story, and spark a light from within.

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